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Every cake you find in Ashrens Pan3 is carefully hand made to perfection, with great pride taken in the preparation, baking and delivery of each product.

Our Story

Every cake at Ashrens Pan3 is carefully handmade to perfection, taking great pride in the preparation, baking and delivery of each one.

Ashrens Pan3 is operated by Renukadevi (owner and cake designer), who is based in Selangor, Malaysia.

Renuka is a self-taught baker and cake designer with a passion for designing elegant cakes with exclusive taste and texture. She makes everything from scratch using high-end ingredients. Her cakes are made for both children and adults. They are healthy, but taste exotic at the same time. She caters for other options such as vegan and eggless cakes.

For satisfaction beyond expectation, Ashrens Pan3 is the best choice. Your dream cake for any occasion or wedding is awaiting.


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Wednesday-Friday 9am-8pm
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Sunday 9am-12pm
Monday and Tuesday Offday (case by case basis)